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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award at Gordon's School is thriving.

Students participate in several trips, visits and challenges in order to receive their Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE awards.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award will not only add to the CVs and University applications of those students involved, but also allows them to build on their team work skills, survival skills, and allows them to learn new skills they would otherwise have not experienced. 

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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of activities for anyone aged 14-24. eDofE enables them to record their intended aims, track their progress and upload evidence of their achievements.

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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme explained...

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award groups working towards Bronze, Silver and Gold awards are a strong and vibrant part of our school community. Please click here to read about how each award can be achieved. Typically, students in Year 10 are encouraged to participate in the Bronze Award, students in Year 11 participate in the Silver Award, and sixth form students participate in the Gold Award.

Outline of the scheme




 Students undertake service to individuals or the community


 Students aim to improve in an area of sport, dance or fitness


 Students develop practical and social skills and personal interests


 Students plan and train for the completion of an

 adventurous journey in the UK or overseas


 At Gold Level, students must do an additional fifth residential

 section, which involves staying and working away from home doing

 a shared activity

*Only students doing the Gold Award need to do this residential component. This has to be done in addition to the expedition.

Duke of edinburgh Expeditions 2018





 DofE Bronze (Practice & Final)

 23-29 March 2018


 Mr Fox

 DofE Bronze (Final)

 15-16 April 2018  Chilterns  Mr Fox

 DofE Silver (Practice)

 1-3 July  2018


 Mr Fox

 DofE Silver (Final)

 15-17 July 2018


 Mr Fox


Year 10 Ten Tors Event

 11-13 May 2018


 Mr Fox

 CCF Camps

 8-14 July 2018


 Mr Balmer

Surrey Outdoor Learning and Development (SOLD)

SOLD offers opportunities which students can take part in to complete the skills and residential components of their relevant awards.  Please click here to view the opportunities available.

2017-18 Awards

Congratulations to the following students on the successful completion of their Gold; Silver and  Bronze Awards:

Gold Awards:

Oliver R; Poppy C; Safiya A; David H; Magnus F; LouLou M; Freya S; Poppy dVG; Rebecca G; George W; Ben P; Abigail L; Katherine R; Shaun K.

Silver Awards

Katie H; Harry P; Libby B-L; Jess C; Harry B; Annie E; James W; Harriet M; Caroline K; Abi W.

Bronze Awards:

Cameron C; Nathaniel V; Tony N; Emily G; Rajan B; Max B; Lars H; Victoria H; Bella R; Amber M; Grace K; Abi W; Magnus J; Alyssa K; James W; Finn M; Mark H; Manik S; Oli S;  Alice W; Marcus S; Oliver D; Saskia R-L; Alice C.

2016-17 Awards

Congratulations to the following students on the successful completion of 39 Bronze Awards, 15 Silver Awards, and 16 Gold Awards;

Gold Awards:

Priscilla H, Simon C, Madeleine G, George B, Chloe N, Amy B, Laura G, Harrison F, Oliver F, George H, Thomas T, Ryan L, Henry M, Eloise Y, Alexia G, Georgia B.

Silver Awards:

Gemma W, Emily B, Georgia B, Lizzie M, Tom M, Jake H, George W, Harvey L, Adam G, Harry G, Esme H, Sam H, Chloe B, Anna B, Keavy B.

Bronze Awards:

Jess L-C, Sam H, George W, Sam H, Robert M-S, Edward L, Thomas P, Adam K, Emma R, James K, Eilidh F, Hana G, Liana P, Naangela M, Quentin E, Morris D, Cherry M, Alan M, Charlie M, Adam G, Maddi M, Dan H, Caroline K, Mollie O, James B, James S, Connor K, Andrew S, Cloe H, Anna D, Landi E-M, Holly M, Katie B, Tiana S, Harvey T, Miles H, Eleanor-Rose P, Mark F, Luc G.

Mr P Fox
DofE Manager