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Learning Support

Gordon’s Learning Support Department has the experience and expertise to provide for students with a wide range of barriers to learning, alongside those students for whom English is a second language.

Gordon's SEN Information Report

Please click here to view the Gordon's School SEN Information Report.

About the Department

The provision is in line with the revised SEN Code of Practice (2001) and County policy. The Learning Support Register is regularly updated and Individual Education Plans are compiled twice yearly for those students at School Action + on the register, or who are on a statement.

The Department currently comprises the Head of Department and two part-time specialist teachers. The Head of Department acts as the schools’ Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator SENCO and the part-time specialists carry out the role of Deputy SENCO and take charge of EAL (English as an additional language). In addition, there are a total of 9 Learning Support Assistants. The accommodation used by the Department is located just off the school drive in a building known as Chapel House. It is well resourced and includes three separate teaching areas, one of which contains an interactive whiteboard. The Head of Department has an office on the second floor of the building and there is also a meeting room on this level. The facility is used for both one-to-ones and the teaching of small group of students.

As well as Learning Assistant support in class, students might also attend some small group sessions for reading, spelling, numeracy or social skills. A number of students also receive one to one teaching and or mentoring from either a Learning Support Assistant or specialist teacher. In addition to the expertise within the department, we also make full use of colleagues available to us from outside agencies which specialise in supporting students with additional needs.

This department operates an open door policy and students, parents and colleagues alike are all very welcome to call in for a chat or to seek advice whenever they feel the need. There is also a dedicated Learning Support section in the School’s Library where colleagues and students alike will find information on a wide range of learning difficulties.

In the last full OFSTED inspection the following observations were made by the inspectors;

“The care, guidance and support provided is exceptional, encouraging both pupils with learning difficulties and disabilities.”

“Pupils with special needs are given very good support and the individual education plans for these pupils are thorough and constantly reviewed with involvement of the pupils themselves.”

The school was judged to be outstanding in respect of how well learners with learning difficulties and disabilities made progress.

learning support Staff:

Miss C Pepperrell BA (Head of Department) email:

Mrs I Jones MA, PGCE (Deputy Head of Department)

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs H Kennedy, Mrs D Belcher,  Ms K Carson, Mrs F Johnson, Ms M Kelly, Ms S Waraich, Mrs M Matheson, F Vasco and Mrs Y Williams.