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Economics is a constantly changing subject that blends skills such as computation and data analysis, with literacy skills. This makes it both exciting, relevant and highly regarded by academic institutions, and when applying for jobs. 

An understanding of how an economy works at a micro and macro level is crucial in making decisions such as how to vote in a general election and how major events in a country are likely to affect business now and into the longer term. Students thrive on this course when they are curious about the world and how it works.

Gordon’s offers Economics at KS5 at both AS and A-Level using the Edexcel Examination Board. The A-Level course is linear and examined at the end of Year 13, when there are 3 papers of 2 hours each. More details on the course can be found here.

Gordon’s offers many enrichment opportunities in Economics:

  • Bank of England Target 2.0 competition
  • London Institute of Banking and Finance Student Investor competition
  • Royal Economic Society, Young Economist of the Year essay writing competition
  •  Cambridge University Marshall Society Essay writing competition
  • Year 12 attend the Economics in Action conference
  • Year 13 attend the “Economists in London” trip visiting:
    • An investment bank to hear about the Global Financial system
    • The Bank of England
    • The London School of Economics

Economics is a versatile subject and complements many other subjects, such as Business, History, Geography, Maths and Science.  The Economics department at Gordon’s achieves excellent results, and a high proportion of students go on to study Economics and related subjects at university. 

Year 12 & 13
Economics A-Level

Mr A Grace BSc Hons (Head of Department) email:

Mr S Darcy (Hons) E.M.B.S - Teacher of Economics

Mr A Reeve BA (Hons)- Teacher of Economics