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Creative Arts

Gordon's Good to Great Creative Arts allows our talented art, drama and music students to improve their skills outside the classroom through additional support and guidance.

A huge range of inclusive activities are available in the arts for all students to access. The Good to Great identified teams are for students who really want to specialise and expand their knowledge and learning in a particular art form.  

Our Creative Arts Identified Teams currently consist of an auditioned chamber choir (Semper Fidelis Singers), Pipes and Drums, a Drama Theatre Company and our Inspiring Artists scheme.  

The school has made a significant financial investment in finding the right specialist coaches to work with the students.  

Looking ahead, the possibilities are endless for these Good to Great Students, with a number of high profile events in London and further afield planned for the forthcoming year.  

So, why take part?  

Students at Gordons have an outstanding track record for success in creative arts. Our ensembles and individuals will understand the way that personal development of their art form can reflect and push others onto greater achievement.  

One or two students will be in all three of these fields – for example, a very good singer might already be coming to Music Club Period 7 and sing in the main choir (ensemble) but has now been selected for Semper Fidelis Singers. We have a very busy schedule for the Drama Company with exciting events in and out of school.  Our Good to Great Drama students are currently working with stage and television actor, Simon Schatzberger, developing their core skills and our Pipes and Drums Good to Great students have been working on their techniques to fine tune their skills. Our inspiring artists have also started with independent drawing, collaborative drawing as a group and in pairs focusing on shape and line.   

We know that for some students they just love participating in the arts as a hobby. For others however there will be a passion which they wish to follow beyond Gordon's. Mentoring will allow us to set up opportunities for students whilst still at school such as county ensembles, auditions for national companies and entries to national competition. This also helps us to prepare students for further education – whether that is a course in the creative arts or simply how to use the creative arts to make their application for other courses really stand out. Our partnerships with industry professionals have also allowed students to access highly sought after work experience placements. 













Looking ahead for our Creative Arts students: 

The creative arts play a vital role in helping our students find an authentic voice. As businesses around the world struggle to remain on top and come out with products that corner and change the market place, today’s business environment demands innovation and creativity today more than ever. Executives, as well as other business leaders, need to draw this innovation inspiration from a number of everyday creative sources such as music, theatre and art. Those who appreciate creativity in these forms are often more inspired and open-minded to non-linear approaches to business problem thinking. The Good to Great programme ensures a creative arts student doesn’t need to dream about their future in a forever changing industry, they can begin to plan it! 

For further information please contact Mrs Danielle Heathcote

Gordon's School are also lucky enough to have their own Pipes and Drums band, who are always in high demand. Please click here to find out more about Gordon's unique Pipes and Drums band.

Visiting artists

We have recently had two visiting artists to Gordon's who showed students how to use various techniques, please click on their names below to find out more:

Laura Rose Kimber
Paul Hawkyard

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