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Aims & Ethos

Our aim is to develop in all our students the confidence, character and capabilities to become the best they can be, to go on to lead fulfilled lives, enjoy healthy lifestyles and make a positive contribution to the lives of others.

We believe in an academically rigorous curriculum without shortcuts that encourages students to aim high and strive. In quality first teaching where students of all abilities have access to the very best teaching and opportunities to achieve their potential. In a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes an academic and active life where students are immersed in a diverse range of activities in order to discover and develop best their talents and interests. In a house system as the best way to guarantee outstanding pastoral and academic care. Finally, and crucially, we believe that high performance without good character is not true success at all.

We strive for every Gordon’s student to...

  1. Benefit from being a member of a school that puts them first
  2. Be taught well in departments which are exceptionally well-led and organised
  3. Be courteous, diligent, enthusiastic, resilient and have integrity
  4. Be globally aware, confident and prepared for life in an international environment.
  5. Be highly literate: socially, morally, spiritually, culturally, emotionally, intellectually, technologically and lead a healthy lifestyle
  6. Be an excellent learner, dedicated to their studies
  7. Consistently out-perform and contribute more than students from similar schools.

5 Year Vision Statement

Key Themes

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