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Vision & Values

A thorough preparation for life through modern ideas and traditional values 

We aspire to be amongst the finest schools in the world, providing a world-class education that is a thorough preparation for life ensuring that all students learn how to be the best they can be and make a positive difference to the lives of others.

At Gordon’s we believe in decency towards each other and fundamental British values ; in dignity, to always strive to improve and to earn our success through hard-work; and in decorum, understated excellence. Our five core character values: courtesy, integrity, diligence, enthusiasm and resilience aim to guide students' day to day attitudes and actions in support of these beliefs.

Of course, traditional values alone are not enough to guarantee success in life, we also recognise the ever-changing and competitive world young people will enter and the need for them to work well with others; to think critically, independently and globally; to innovate and adapt and find solutions to the challenges they will face.

All enduring value systems benefit from being based on secure principles. At Gordon’s these immutable principles are the importance of: responsibility, reciprocity and relationships.