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The purpose of Science is to observe, gather evidence and construct theories which enable us to explain and predict phenomena in the universe. Our aim in the Science department is to develop students’ knowledge and skills across the three disciplines, so that we can tap into their natural curiosity, inspire them to question their observations and appreciate the ever-increasing role Science has to play in the modern world.

Key Stage 3 Science at Gordon’s enables students to engage in understanding and learning Science as well as applying their knowledge to a myriad of contexts.

The department has a very strong academic record at both GCSE and A-Level. Students take either the three single sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics); Combined Science or ELC Science. The route that students study depends on their performance at KS3.

All three Sciences are popular choices for further study at AS and A2 level, with many of our students electing to study Science based courses at some of the top universities in the country.

There are many extra-curricular options for students at all levels of the school including trips and competitions. We believe that the opportunities offered by our highly dedicated team of teachers enable our students to develop into analytical thinkers who have the knowledge and skills to flourish in our increasingly scientific world.

Miss R Ali BA, MNat.Sci, MSci (Cantab) (Head of Department) email:
Mrs A Beecham BSc (Hons) (Head of Biology)
Mr M Atkinson BSc (Hons), MA (Head of Chemistry)
Mr S Matthews MSci, ARCS (Head of Physics)

Mrs G Travers BSc (Hons)
Mr J Sinclair BSc (Hons)
Miss R Duffin BSc (Hons)
Mr W Barron de Burgh BSc (Hons) (Key stage 3 Co-ordinator) (Deputy Head of Science)
Miss K Turnbull Mphys (Hons), MSci (Oxon) (Key stage 4 Co-ordinator)