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Religious Education

In Religious Studies we aim to help students explore their own beliefs, and grow in their understanding of what others believe.

Students are encouraged to be respectful of the views of others, but also to think critically and come to their own conclusions. They are constantly challenged to gain a deeper understanding of different perspectives, so that their own beliefs are well informed and considered. Students of any religious persuasion, or none, can enjoy and succeed equally in Religious Studies.

At Key Stage 3 students are introduced to the major world religions, in the context of a variety of ethical and philosophical issues. At GCSE this is continued with all students following the AQA Religious Studies course, specification B. Throughout both Key Stage 3 and at GCSE students will have opportunities to express their personal responses and develop informed insights on fundamental questions about identity, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments. Religious Studies at GCSE lays a good foundation for further study of Religious Studies at A-Level and complements other related A-Level subjects including Philosophy, Law, History, History of Art, Government and Politics, Sociology and English Literature.

Mrs F Lewis BA (Head of Department) email:
Ms Maslen - GCSE
Miss Hutchings - GCSE and KS3