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Physical Education

The Physical Education curriculum at Key Stage 3, in which all students take part, follows the National Curriculum programme with students being assessed in a number of activities. This allows students’ progress to be monitored as they develop through Gordon’s School. There is also an extension programme, outside curriculum-based studies, which supports and further enhances the physical education experience of students at Gordon’s School. Physical Education is also a well-established examination course at both GCSE and A-Level. Students with a true passion for all aspects of sport have the opportunity to further their studies in this subject gaining a wide knowledge and greater understanding of Physical Education.

Mr J Harrison BSc, (Head of Department) email:

Mr P King BA, BSc (Head of Khartoum House)
Mrs S Forster BEd (Assistant Head - Pastoral)
Mrs M Justice BA 
Mrs C Holmes BA (Assistant Head Co-Curricular) 
Mrs E King BSc (Hons)

Mr J Duffield BA (Ed) Hons (Houseparent Balmoral House)
Mrs T Duffield (Houseparent Balmoral House)