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The History Department at Gordon’s School prides itself on offering students a fascinating and well-rounded exploration of the past. We ensure that from an early age students are exposed to challenging and rigorous historical teaching which incorporates both key skills and a detailed knowledge base.

Our philosophy is predicated on the belief that an understanding of history is vital for any young person beginning their path into adulthood and that the more varied and interesting this journey can be made, the more successful our students will ultimately become. To this end, the History Department offers topics as varied as ancient Arabia, Medieval England, the Native peoples of North America and Italian unification. Alongside these more unusual topics, however, we also offer a solid base of 19th and 20th Century European and world history which ensures our students have a well-developed sense of understanding the world they find themselves in and how our history relates to current affairs.

We also ensure that our students are taught in interesting and varied ways. We endeavour to incorporate new technology alongside more traditional teaching methods and seek to develop our students into life-long historians with an on-going appetite for the subject.

Academically, the History Department is one of the most successful in the school with a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to sharing our passion for all things historical with our students. This fascination with our subject regularly rubs off on our students and significant numbers choose History at both GCSE and A-Level, with many going on to read History at some of the country’s top universities. 

History is therefore an integral part of the curriculum at Gordon’s, but is also far more than that. History is in the very foundations of the school and the rich heritage we are so lucky to be a part of. It is against this unique backdrop that the History Department at Gordon’s School continues to strive for excellence and continues to enjoy sharing this fascinating, wonderful subject with our students.

Mrs K Fairweather BA (Head of Department)  email:
Ms J Pierce BA (Hons) (Assistant Head - Curriculum)
Miss L Birch BA

Programme of Study

History Department Programme of Study