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Gordon’s came to define me. As a boarder you don’t simply attend lessons – you become woven into the fabric of the school and, in turn, it shapes your outlook for years to come...
Tom Beetham (2004-2011)

Welcome to the Gordon's School alumni association known as the 'Gordonians'! We exist to represent all former students and staff of Gordon’s School. 

It is managed by a Committee voted for by Gordonian members. Our aim is to be the focus and means by which all Gordonians can maintain their link with the school and with each other in the UK and around the world. We exist to support both the school and all Gordonians past and present. We work together with the Governors, The Gordon Foundation, the Head Teacher and the Development Office to enhance the reputation and ensure the continuing success and prosperity of the school.

I am the current Chairman of the Gordonians and attended the school between 1966 and 1969. I have been a member of the Committee for over 25 years and have seen many changes within the past few years and not only at the school. By embracing modern technology and social media as a means for ex-pupils to stay in contact with the school, we now have a growing membership but we need more of you to re-connect and to become Full Members to ensure the on-going modernisation and success of our organisation. 

It’s very easy to become a member of the Gordonians at just £24/year (UK) and £30/year for overseas members. Membership benefits include the Gordonian Newsletter 2/3 times a year, special event invitations, selected discounts and much more! Please visit the Gordonians' website and online community to find out more:

To download a membership renewal form, please click here and return to the Development Office at Gordon’s School or simply make an enquiry by emailing  If you wish to contact me, please do so via the website or if you have a message of general interest please use our Facebook page "'Friends of Gordon’s School".

Regardless of age, gender, duration of attendance, or in which House your loyalties lie… we are all Gordonians.

I look forward to welcoming you back to the school sometime in the future.

Jay Tamsitt (7311)