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Combined Cadet Force

The role of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at Gordon’s School is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their powers of leadership, self-reliance and resourcefulness.

The CCF forms an important part of the School’s Co-Curriculum programme with all students joining the CCF in Year 10. Students can continue in the CCF during Years 11, 12 and 13 on a voluntary basis. This can be used towards the volunteering section of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. 

The CCF is tri-service offering students training in the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force services. Each of the three services meets on a Tuesday afternoon with support from school staff, Cadet Training Teams, and current serving personnel.

As part of the programme, Cadets from each service participate in one field day per term, which are normally held at military bases, for example, Royal Engineers Gibraltar Barracks in Minley, HMS Excellent and RAF Benson.

Throughout the school year, students are encouraged to take part in weekend activities including orienteering, flying, sailing and field craft training. Each service holds annual camps and all students are encouraged to attend, enhancing both their learning experiences and potential for promotion within their service. In addition to the training programmes, students participate in a number of CCF competitions. 

Major John Balmer, Contingent Commander 

WO1 Philip Fox, School Staff Instructor

Major John Balmer, Officer Commanding Army Section 

Squadron Leader P Mockeridge MBE RAF VR(T), Officer Commanding Royal Air Force Section  or

Sub Lieutenant Paul Curley, Officer Commanding Royal Navy Section

Mayor's Cadets

Congratulations to Libby Butler and Dan Farrow who have been selected to represent Gordon's School Combined Cadet Force as the Mayor's Cadets. The Mayor presented them each with a ceremonial sash.

The appointment is in recognition of their work with the CCF throughout their time at School. They will accompany the Mayor of Surrey Heath on official and ceremonial duties throughout the year.

Libby attended her first official engagement at the 2016 Armistice day parade and the remembrance day parade in Camberley a few days later.