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Character Education

"Outstanding grades are unlikely to take you that far in the real world if you do not have the confidence to try new and difficult things and the strength of character to learn and grow from failure" Dr Julian Murphy

Character education is at the centre of our vision for education and at the heart of good character is a person's attitude or mindset.  For this reason, we encourage students and staff to have a growth mindset, a deep-seated desire to become the best they can be in their chosen fields of endeavour.

We have identified our core character values of courtesy, integrity, diligence, enthusiasm and resilience. Courtesy and integrity are essential for moral and civic virtue, diligence, enthusiasm and resilience maximise performance in all walks of life. 

It is important that the character education is intentional, planned, organised and reflective, rather than assumed, unconscious, reactive and random. Our values are reinforced everywhere: on the playing fields, in classrooms, corridors, interactions between teachers and students, in assemblies, posters, head teacher messages and communications, staff training, recruitment and in relations with parents.