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Academic Enrichment

Our hope is that all our students become deep thinkers, critical enquirers and intellectual risk takers. Available to students are a series of activities, pod-casts and suggested reading, to introduce students to a wide variety of philosophical ideas, current affairs, and cultural opportunities as well as developing the  intellectual tools that will enable them to offer informed and  academically creative responses to the world around them. 

Openness to studying beyond the standard academic curriculum offers an exciting opportunity to explore areas of scholarship outside the confines of the standard school syllabus as defined by public examinations. It promotes independent learning, extension work, lateral thinking, problem solving and also allows for peer work opportunities such as student-led teaching and learning, debate, discussion and analysis. 

Wider Reading 

As with all extension programmes, there needs to be a strong foundation in the wider reading that students undertake in their own time. The most beneficial reading a student can do would be based in the subject(s) they intend to follow at University. This will allow them to deepen their understanding and develop a significant advantage over their peers both on application and at interview. Please click here to view a detailed subject based list of wider reading ideas, compiled by Trinity College Cambridge.
For a more general education in topics as diverse as philosophy and the history of ideas through to political systems and social commentary, please make use of the Penguin Great Ideas series available in the school library. Please click here to view a selected list of available texts.

Oxbridge Plus

Please click here for more information.

Lecture Programme

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There are also a number of Radio 4 podcasts based around the history of ideas which we would strongly recommend students listen to. These explore some fundamental ideas and principles around which social, political, economic and cultural norms have evolved. Please click the podcasts below to listen.